Affordable high quality DIY outdoor shade sails and sun protection specialist. 


Facts about our shade sails:

Qozy shade sails are the latest innovation set to sweep across Australia. Providing the ultimate level of UV protection paired with a stylish modern design, Qozy shade sails are the perfect addition to every Australian home.


What are Qozy shade sails made from?

At Qozy, we use only the very best materials for all of our shade sails and outdoor accessories. We currently offer premium shade sails made from heavy duty Polyester or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and our hooks are made from durable Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.


Why should I invest in a Qozy shade sail?

Qozy shade sails offer a lifestyle like no other, and help you to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in your own backyard all year long. We all know how stifling it can be sitting in the sun on those scorching hot days, but with a Qozy shade sail you can truly transform your outdoor living area – you’ll soon love getting out into your own backyard!


How can a Qozy shade sail add value to my home?

Outdoor living spaces with superior shade sales are highly sought after to many homebuyers, and can even become a major selling point. Shade sails have the ability to remodel dreary and drab yards into a space far more stylish and inviting, and add an element of luxury with minimal effort or expense.


Are Qozy shade sails difficult to assemble?

Unlike construction of an undercover patio area, which can take up to months of work to complete, Qozy shade sails are incredibly simple to install and can usually be done within one day – all that is needed is a set of solid fixing points embedded either in the ground or on already existing structures.

Our stainless steel fixings are also removable meaning that you can take your shade sail with you if you decided to move houses, or want the option to take it down over the cooler months.


Which Qozy shade sail is right for me?

At Qozy we offer an extensive range of shade sails to suit the needs of residential homes as well as commercial facilities.

Our vast range of colours and sizes mean you can select that one that meets your needs while complementing the look of your property. For areas seeking a medium level of shade allowing some natural light, we recommend selecting a shade sail that is lighter in colour. For areas requiring a darker shade, opt for one of our darker colours. 

If you would like your shade sail to allow some ventilation, we suggest choosing one of our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shade sails. Alternatively, our Polyester models are completely waterproof, making them a great option for covering outdoor furniture and children’s sandpits!


How can I find out more about Qozy shade sails?

For any queries or to find out more about Qozy shade sails, please contact us directly through our website or Hello@Qozy.com.au.